Sunday, March 22, 2015

New Items in Shopz & Future Contest?

Hello munchkins!!! I didn't completely forget about that nickname.... XD So, how has you spring been like so far? In the spring spirit yet? :3 I actually really like spring except for the allergies... I haven't experienced them yet, but they are coming xDD So, now jumping into one of today's topics.... THE NEW ITEMS IN SHOPZ. I acutally didn't know there were except when I saw one of my friends wearing a sweater from shopz and I told I really liked it and then she told me it was in shopz and I was thinking "WHAT?!?" XD.
The items in the shopz are shown above and they are basically like the basics... "Basically the basics" XD. So, we have a tank top, 3 kinds of sweaters including a turtleneck sweater, two t shirts, a baseball t, and a cropped top. So, there are two items that are WOOZ ONLY which is the cropped tank and the baseball t. I honestly like the long sweater there... Idk why it just looks pretty nice XD I also think this is a good idea to have basics because it is easy to pair anything with these items.

Okay, so I was thinking to do a contest soon maybe? Idk... The only thing is idk what to give for a prize xD. Would wns long dres be okay for a prize? Yes or no...? I need some suggestions so please answer in the burst chat or message me on woozworld.
So, please give some suggestions for prizes IF I DO A CONTEST IN THE FUTURE. Honestly, I don't have many rares... mostly "Rares" from last year xD.

That is it for today guys! See you next time, lovely munchkins!!! Sorry the signoff photo is in the middle of being made!!!