Monday, March 9, 2015

Official Blog Memeber!!! & Facts!

Hello lovelies!!

I'm REALLY sorry about not posting Friday, I went to the movies Friday to see ChappIe (which was great btw xD) afterwards I spent the night with my friend. BUT Friday I got a message saying I am now an official blogger! Which when I read the message I was so happy I almost died (lolollollollol)  So since I'm an official member now I thought I should introduce myself fully, and I never really told you guys about myself other than the basic I love Woozworld on my first post xP  So let's go in!!(And Ik today isn't my posting day but I just couldn't wait to tell u guys!!)

 1~My woozen name is : Cuttiepie1219 (why I chose that, idek xD)
2~ I love to write, and write poems C;
3~ I've been on WW for 4 years now, and going strong
4~ I'm Southern
5~ I love animals! ( 1 dog and 1 cat their my babes x3)
6~I am actually smart (surprisingly)
7~ I love the Walking Dead!
8~ Disney is bae...
9~ I am a very strong/emotionally stuff person (if that's a thing)
10~Even though I'm Southern I don't like HOT weather!.
11~ Color code is a light pink & a white which is cute x3
12~ I love Winter, & Fall..
13~ I was born November 30th

Well lovelies! That's #13 facts about me!! And have an amazing day!! Be safe C:
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