Monday, March 9, 2015

Meet Thorns! 8D

   Hello lovlies! I am one of the newer trialers. Today isn't my schedule post, but I just wanted to post facts about me so you know who I am ^-^ These are some facts that I could think of so I hope you enjoy this post; btw these are not in order.

Facts About Me;

1) I've been playing woozworld for a total of 4 years, including the multiple accounts I've had. 
2) I really enjoy making graphics/edits (below is my signature graphic all made by ME)
3) My favorite colors is my color code on Woozworld and dark colors.
4) I really love Sleeping With Sirens and Fall Out Boy.
5) I guess you could label me as "grunge"     (I like both music and the style)
6) I could act two-faced at times if your really getting on my nerves.
7) I love anime/manga.
8) I tend to get really frustrated sometimes especially at events like SOTW.
9) I love to read (Especially on wattpad) and write.
10) I'm annoying, depending on certain people and how they label me.
11) My birthday is on April 22 (Earth Day)
12) I love to draw.
13) I'm good at poems I guess you could say.
14) My mind goes in places you don't want to know. o_o
15) My favorite seasons are technically all.
16) I'm in orchestra and play the violin. 
17) I would LOVE to play the drums.
18) I like to do clay work and painting.
19) I love to do html coding.
20) I'm half Filipino half American.

These are just some facts that I could think of, I have more but I don't want to fill up the page TOO much. Till next time on Thursdays and Saturdays xx.