Sunday, March 22, 2015

Did You Notice-Woozworld App

Hellow my glittering unicorns <) <= This is our Unicorn Sign XD

                 INTO TODAY'S TOPIC: "Woozworld App"
   => Last year,the Woozworld app was launched for Apple devices and this year (i don't know exactly when D:) will be launcehed for Android devices too :O
             Now i will enter a little bit into "FASHION".
Like one or two weeks ago (or one month lmaaaao),peoples from another woozworld server brought in  the english server some clothes from the upcoming summer coloections.
I have an Apple device and when i get for the first time on the app (i download the app one month-two months latter after the app was acctually available -crie i needed to update my ios-) and when i open the app i saw these:
 this one is le hacked outfit!
So acctually on the app ''Home" if i can say it like that,was the upcoming woozworld outfit
that was acctually HACKED !!!!!!
So that means that on the other server they have more outfits than us XDD
'0' Maby this outfit will never be available for US!!!! GEEZ
(Don't buy le outfit Xd you may get banned/susspened even if it look FAB)
         So my <) (Glittering unicorns) That was ALL for today!
 See ya on tuesday with my next post!
    Stay FAB
          #NORMALIs2M@In$Tr3Am xoxo Miley OUT XD