Sunday, March 15, 2015

Linkz |Patty Finder

Hey guys!! Sorry I couldn't post yesterday! My personal computer was broken an I had to clean it which took all night last night.. Now its clean an works. So i can post! xD Well first I'm gonna start talking about Linkz. What is Linkz? Linkz come in different shapes an sizes. You can make the Linkz can teleport to a different part of the unitz, or to a different unitz!

Now on to  Patty!! I'm guessing you already know who Patty is. But if you don't
you will have this quest on the side of your screen. You only have this quest after you finish Pot o' Gold! 

So the prize for Patty's quest is: 
A symbz that turns you green! :-) I haven't found Patty yet! :( Its really hard!!! Good luck thou! :D

                                                           |B, You, Beautiful|