Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy Saint Patrick's Day & Happy Birthday To Me!

Hey, Deadliners! Happy Saint Patrick's Day! I hope you are all wearing green today :) I am wearing a party hat, because, it's my birthday!! My friend Mickefav is throwing a party for me, if you want to come, all of the info is on my Wallz. All are welcome!

Now, onto the fashion!
I have been looking around WoozWorld today for the most creative outfits. And here is what I found!

1                                               2                                               3

If #1 was your favourite, rate this post "Cool" If #2 was your favourite, rate this post "Funny", And if you liked #3, rate this post "Interesting"

Oh, and BTW, in my last post, I asked what was better; BowTEA or WNS Pop. The over all winner was...BowTEA!

Bye, Lovies!

Tomorrow is the  last pot of my Trial, so get ready XD