Saturday, March 14, 2015

Battle of Le Photos!

Hey guys! Bleaty here o3o.I'm so so sorry this post is late.My mom wanted me to get off the computer,and so I went swimming.But It's not over the day so I'm not technically late-ish.Also, our trial blogger,Thorns won't be posting today because she is very sick with the flu x(.Get well soon Thorns!!Anyways,today is Battle of The Photos!!Today we have:

 But you know,these girls had wonderful photos so it doesn't really matter if I loose.
So as you all know,I have once a month,2-4 photos for this new thing I created,Battle of The Photos.You choose a photo out of the ones I give,to be my sign off photo or you can create me a sign off photo o3o.So here are the photos!



*Bleatystar- (ME):

So rate this post: Interesting,for Cutiexpiexgirl's,or Cool,for Ejmeto-backup.And Funny for me.

I really feel bad for everyone's hard work going to a waste,so Maybe during the month,Ill switch to each photo,so their hard editing will still be enjoyable :3Also a reminder for everyone,The video contest for woozworld's St.Patrick's day video is due this Monday,so if you haven't gotten a chance to star,I suggest doing it now.Better late then never!

So that's mostly it for today.There wasn't much new going on in woozworld.For now,I'm gonna use my sign off photo,since my editor was not working today,making it impossible for me to make the Battle of The Photo sign off.Bleaty signing out! o3o

StaySafexx -Bleaty