Friday, March 20, 2015

JaneNewbie Quizes!

Hey guys!! Bleaty here.Today I will not only be giving out the winner,I'll also be giving out the answers to JaneNewbie's Quiz!So In total here were the votes:

                 5 votes for Me, 7 votes for Cutie, And 3 votes for Ejmeto.

Congratz Cutie!! You won Battle of The Photos! Her picture was very amazing,so I'm very happy she won,considering how much effort was put into her photo.Incase you forgot what it looked like:
                                                            So enjoy my new sign off photo! o3o

  Onto the next topic for today,There's a new woozen on woozworld named,JaneNewbie.There have been some quizzes left for us woozens to do,in order to help Jane throughout woozworld.Also,If you're running for Woozguide,Completing these quizzes will boost up your chance to become a Woozguide,so I very much recommend doing these quizzes.They're very simple,in fact I did them with no trouble x'D But here are the answers to the 1st and 2nd Quiz featuring JaneNewbie!

                                      CyberBullying Quiz #1:

                1.) Yes                                                                              2.) No

                3.) D                                                                                 4.) E

                5.) No                                                                               6.) F ( This one made me laugh xD)

                7.) B

The prize given to you is a trophy like the ones featured in the unitz.But to receive the prize,go to the Stop Bullying HQ Unitz and you get  a trophy.You'll also be given a new title,but you must refresh I'm pretty sure.

                        Password Protection Quiz #2:
               1.) Yes                                                                                     2.) T

               3.) No                                                                                      4.) T

               5.) No                                                                                       6.) No

               7.) Report

The prize given to you is a trophy like the ones featured in the unitz.But to receive this prize,you need to collect laptops.Refresh your page,log into woozworld,and in the unitz you're landed in,you collect those laptops.Then,go to Luck of The Linkz unitz,The ones with shamrocks,and collect laptops there.You need to go to many Luck of The Linkz unitz to get them all.

Anyways that's mostly all for today.Enjoy your trophys!! REMEMBER TO RATE THIS POST,COOL,INTERESTING OR SOMEWHAT FUNNY!! Bleaty signing out for today! o3o

LoveLikeBob xx-Bleaty