Friday, March 20, 2015

How to level up fast, and new clothes in ShopZ!

Heya lovelies! Cuttie here and today, I'm going to show you how to level up fast, and the new clothes in ShopZ today.! So lezz go! x)

Ok the new clothes consist of :
1)  Tank top :price-125 beex, 50 wooz.
2)Sweater :price-125 beex 50 wooz
3) Turtleneck sweater :price-125 beex 50 wooz
4) Sweater(for girls)- 125 beex 50 wooz
5) V-neck :price - 125 beex 50 wooz
6) V-neck(for guys) :price-125 beex 50 wooz
7) Baseball T- :price- 100 wooz
8) Crop Top :price 100 wooz

All of the clothes are brand new and came out 2hrs. ago for me. They're actually pretty simple and plain (don't get me wrong they're cute!) They're not expensive at all personally to me. And YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A CERTAIN LEVEL TO WEAR THEM(all exept Crop Top  and Baseball & -10). They look really similar to some WZW outfits awhile back... Like : Baseball Shirt, Epic Crop Top, Dots Tank. Let's look at the similarities..
And sorry for crappy editing, my skills are wack xP But the similarities are pretty close to me :I
Ok!!NEw topic now! xP So how to level up faster! There are easy simple steps you take. :P So let's go!

1) Voting. Voting give you prestige faster, the more number of votes you have, the quicker you level up.
2)  Preztige HQ: Go to the HQ and click the end door for free prestige. Your going to get this quest that gives you FREE prestige, which means closer to leveling up! x) ( and this quest doesn't use ur energy) 
3) Unit Votes. It's the same as #1 but with Unitz xP
4) Sales- I'm pretty sure (not 100% so don't quote me) If you make a sale you'll earn prestige.
5) Woozpets...

Well lovelies! That's all for today! x) Sorry but I had to rush on the Preztige thing! But have a nice Friday!!!! #BeachBound