Friday, March 20, 2015

#FashionWithCutie= Woozworld Store Review & Spring Outfit

Hey guys! Sorry I did not post on Sunday. I got sick over last weekend and was really tired with a fever/ headache. Okay, now back to the post, I will make this post an "okay length" or maybe a kinda long post...? Oh wait, Happy late St. Patrick's Day!! Now again, back to the post...
Woozworld Outfits!!!!
What do you guys think?
Phoebe Rain Coat:
Hair: I actually like this hair because it is a like a daily hairstyle. It is simple yet cute with a braid on the side.
Top: Raincoat!!! XD This really reminds me of spring and for some reason when I think of a raincoat I think of a yellow raincoat... kind of like the one in the photo... Anyone else think that? XD Okay, so I think the jacket is pretty nice with the buttons and the structure of it
I can't see the shoes or pants of these.. Sorry guys D:

Okay, for this post I was able to take a screenshot of mya wooz's profile to show the outfit.
Robyn Jumpsuit
Hair: This kinda reminds me of two hairstyles that are combined..... But I really like it actually and I love how the top is a different color than the majority of the hair.
Top: This is okay and good for casual use
Bottoms: Pants are fine as well and I do like the idea of a jumpsuit since I am pretty sure woozworld has never created one before....
Shoes: These shoes actually remind me of some shoes I see in real life stores... XD I think they are pretty cute and perfect for casual use as well
Overall, I think the outfits for the girls are pretty good....
Spring Outfit:(I think it can work for a spring outfit....)
Now, when I was on woozworld today, I saw this amazing outfit and I was like thinking "OMG!! I should try to show that outfit on woozworld burst..." XD So, I asked the person if I could and she said yes. I think I asked her a couple of times to show some of her outfits that she wears.....
I love this outfit!!! I love how she kept the blouse one color and matched the blouse with the hood. The curls are so pretty!!! The shorts and socks are perfect since it is spring, but sometimes in spring it is not that warm.... so socks can you keep you warm. As for those shoes.... I always wanted a pair!! xD They look so cool.
Okay, so I was really busy this week and wasn't able to go on my computer that much for games, so I was not able to use sign off photo. I did go on today though. I am going to try to keep up with woozworld more and I think I will make a signoff photo by Sunday and then make another one for future use! Also, I was wondering what are some posts you guys want to read about besides fashion in woozworld cause I have been mainly posting about that lately..... Do you guys want to have like a contest or maybe tutorials to do something...? What about how to edit photos to have a different background? xD Idk. Okay anyways, bye bye.