Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Meet JaneNewbie! Last Post Of My Trial

Bursties! Hey, this is Jewel, with the last post of my Trial! I just wanna say, if I don't get accepted, it's been fun. Ily guys SOOOO much <3 Anyways, onto the post.

Do you remember when you first joined Woozworld? Whether it was four years or four days ago, we bet you recall the feeling of excitement mixed with a bit of confusion about this new virtual place to hang out. That’s exactly what JaneNewbie is experiencing right now!

As we all know, the Internet can be a strange place. Jane is a smart and sympathetic girl, but she doesn’t have a lot of experience with online life. Will you help guide her through Woozworld?
janeOver the next two weeks, we will be releasing quizzes for you to help your new friend Jane learn about five different topics:

- password protection: creating a safe account
- scams and fraud: what they are and how to keep your account safe
- cyberbullying: what it is and how to avoid it
- personal information: what it is and how to keep it personal
- reporting: how to deal with inappropriate behaviour

Successfully completing each of these topics will earn you a trophy and SymbZ to display your expertise. Once you’ve guided Jane through all five topics to keep herself safe online, you’ll recieve and final achievement and SymbZ. In order to be considered for the WoozGuidez program in the future, we will be checking to see that you’ve completed earned this final Internet-safety certification. All current WoozGuidez will be required to complete this achievement in order to remain as active Guidez.
You can welcome Jane to Woozworld on her WoozIN Wallz, and get ready to introduce her to virtual life!

Well, this sounds fun! I can't wait to start learning about online safety, and I am happy that they are involving the WoozGuides in this. I think it is a very fair thing that you have to complete this in order to be a WoozGuide, because it is a really important thing to know about!

So, as I said before, this is the last post of my Trial, Ily guys sooooo much, maybe talk again, but if not, Sayanora, I'll miss you guys <3

~ジュエル ("Jewel" in Japanese.) ;)