Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patricks Day & How To Become Well known + Fast Beex!

Hello lovelies! Happy St. Patrick's Day!! And since it's St. Patrick's Day I'm going to be typing in green! Just for the fun of it! So today I'm going to be doing how to become well known on Woozworld, plus how to get beex fast! So let's go!!

                       How To Become Well Known on WoozWorld
1)  Be kind!-  People will start to notice you for your generosity.
2)  Make special events in your unitz.- Create a unitz event topic that's popular right now, like: Singles & Non-singles, Rare for Rare Trade Center, or Cheap beex shop.
3) Go to Hot Now units! -  Or anywhere with a lot of Woozens there..
4) Add people!-  Send friend request, or accept people who've sent you one!
5) Win special events!- Go to Animator events and compete against other Woozens, if you win you'll be featured in Hot Topics!  Max's Gameshow is a great way! ( They also add you if you win!)

                                                   Fast Beex!
1) Buy in quantities-  Try to buy more of the same item.
2) Lower the prices-  (Ex.) If you buy a hair for 1,000beex lower it 500 (or any other price as long as it's not above the original) You make $$ faster.
3) Put your unitz on Events- By doing so Woozens will come, and most likely buy if it's a reasonable price..
4) Buy things that are popular now- Heartva Dress's are a greta ex. most go for 6-9k depending on the color of the dress range out your prices.

Well lovelies! That's all for today! Happy St. Patrick's Day!! And be safe!! #PartIrish
Make sure NOT to get pinched!