Saturday, March 14, 2015

4 Easy Cute, & Cheap outfits!

Outfit 1
Heya lovelies! Sorry for the late post! Who knew babysitting 4 little boys was so much work Dx and they're all toddlers, + 1 baby. But anyways!!!! Since it's late I'm going to do 4 cute and CHEAP outfits. So lezz goo!!!

1)  Hair: Celebration Haircut. 150 beex.

     Top: Light Summer Dress 150 beex.
     Bottoms: Flower Jeans Mini (or any kind of shorts)113 beex.
     Shoes: Winter Ballerina's 100 beex.
::OVERALL COST:: 513 beex

2) Hair: Sweet Curls. 360 beex.
Outfit -2

    Top:Summer Dress With Purse 630 beex.

    Bottoms: Any kind of shorts, short skirts.

    Shoes: Sparkz Of love Sandals 420 beex.

    ::OVERALL LOOK::   
   ::OVERALL COST:: 1,410

3) Hair: Maid Marian Haircut: 150 beex
Outfit 3
Outfit 4
   Top: Spring Flowerz Dress 360 beex.
  Bottom: any kind of shorts, short skits.
 Shoes: Sparkz Of Love Sandal.420 beex.
::OVER ALL COST:: 930 beex.

4) Hair:Sports Fan ponytail 360 beex    Top: BeMe Shirt FREE   Bottoms: WoozWorld Track Pants.472 beex.  Shoes: Flashy Kicks (in boys shoes area) 100 beex  ::OVERALL LOOK::::OVERALL COST: 932 beex.             
  Well lovelies, that's all, sorry for the late post! Hope you have an amazing, supercalifristic day!