Saturday, March 21, 2015

How to become a Well-Known Woozen!

Hey guys! o3o.Bleaty here.Today I will be talking to you guys,on how to become a WellKnown Woozen on Woozworld!By that I mean,like Iluvpenguins64,Canadianz,Just-A-Girl- (etc).Maybe not that well known but you get the point.I'm not quite well known,so I'm not sure if this will work,but so far I've done it and it's going pretty well! Here goes!:

          How to be well known on Woozworld!!

* Be kind to everyone around you.No one likes rude people.If you treat others with kindness,you'll get that in return!

* Go to some Animator Eventz.More woozens will know you if you go to eventz.Plus they're really fun!

* Have a YouTube Account.This will make subscribers,and people will like your videos!

*Get something important.By this I mean like,if you become a Tester, or a woozguide.Something along those lines.

*Have a color code!With a color code,people can find you easily in unitz.Try making it unique,so people will know its you!

* Be an inspiration to others!

* Share your amazing talents! (We all have some)

*Don't have Attitude.Always take the side of life,not death.

*Don't be a bully,complain about small details,and be annoying!!

*Lastly,just be yourself!Everyone loves an original instead of a copy :)
I hope this helped!If you have any further questions,feel free to message me @ Bleatystar-.
Be yourself,be unique,be,a woozen!!!

Bleaty signing out! o3o