Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Online safety Winners-THE BEST SHOPS-

Hey unicorns <)...I'm a little upset now (everything will be okay XD),I have a video editor that don't fluffy let me put text and i worked so hard at a video and i had to delete it because it would make no sense with no text,i think i should delete the editor and resinstall it because i can't work like this :(
Sooo...anyways today  i have pretty new informations to tell you XD (i sound as a BBC reporter)
Let's say "news" XD,18 hours ago (oh i'm verry punctual) JENNYWooz announced the online safety winners and guess what?!! I....wasn't acctually one of 'em -crieeeee- 
No XD i knew i wouldn't win but no metter XP it was verry fun! ;)
BUT...CONGRATULATIONS to our winners:




Nr. 5    
You know i'm really happy to see that they've won! Their videos were seriously good! 
I am a little confused XD i think i did enlisted my video before the deadline! XD but like seriously: 
SUMBIT YOUR VIDEO BEFORE 29.03.2015 (monday) ... monday was obviously in 30 so yea i was confused XD
Like i've promised you guys (that i will travel and discover new worlds XD) i was searching for the shops with the lowest prices aaaaaannnd here they are (DON'T HATE ME I FOUND ONE MARKET AND I COULDN'T STOP MYSELF FOR BUYING LIL BRAID RIDING HOOD HAIR IT WAS JUST 20K GUYS Come on! you would do this to if you were in ma place so nooo complaining XD)

So the first one is called: Much Rare Center Such Cheep owned by PikachuCrystals  (here you can find bow tea hair for 19k i think is a good offer) 
T.T And the second one is called RARES AND NEW STUF FROM SHOPZ refilled- owned by Bubblebyp (you can find juliet dress 10k that is super low XD (= and you can also find the full chicken costume in shopz now for 300 wooz for just 3000 beex each piece of costume)
              So this are just to because i did not really had so much time but can you tell me the prices are high? No you can't! (=
                                         See ya with my next post on Sunday xoxo Stay on fleek like ma wave duh
CRIES i needed to make a new sign of picture because i lost the other one XD