Friday, March 27, 2015

New items in ShopZ!!!!

Hello lovelies, I decided to post since I'm sick (of course this happened to me on the day of plans.)So recently there's been some new items added to the ShopZ! And since Easter is like literally almost here ( and Spring Break turn up!) the items added are Easter related! ( also known as Eggster on WZW) So let's goo!!


Sooo there's kinda a lot of clothing items but I'm going to go over them one by one!! So let's go see!

Bunny Outfit
The bunny consist of : Bunny Head: Bunny Body: Bunny Legs:  Bunny Feet: Total cost : 975 wooz (pricey right??)  So I bought the outfit to show you lovely people so here you go! (ikr I look flawless xD)

Chick Outfit
The Chick Outfit consist of: Chick Body: Chick Head: Chick Legs: Chick Feet: Total cost: 975 wooz 
So I didn't buy the chick outfit just because honestly I think it's kinds expensive but ya know all together I'dve spent 1,950wooz  so yea I didn't want to do that so  I took pics!


So there are a lot of cute little furniture items!!! So let's go over them!  ( I'm just going to go over the newer ones!)
So there are newer additions I guess you could say!! Such as  "Decorated Eggs" I must say, there really expensive for me personally. I think they're really cool though ( my Great Grandmother use to collect these kind of eggs xD) They all cost wooz.
Space Egg(50) Voodegg(50), Decorated Egg #1(50), Spotty Egg(100) Elephant Egg(50)  Polka Dot Egg(150),   Gold Egg(300), Swirly Egg (200), Shiny Egg(200), Faberge Egg(300), Festive Egg(200), Floral Egg(200), & Decorated Egg#2(100)  The eggs are really just for decoration as all the other furniture is. And honestly the eggs are really overpriced the only egg that's getting much attention is the Golden Egg.
Okay so that's all lovelies until next time! ~Cuttiepie1219