Friday, February 27, 2015

ZeChic + New Woozworld Outfits

Hai! I forgot to post on Sunday really sorry D: So, today we have two topics which is new ze chic items that are came yesterday and more coming in March!! Also, there are new woozworld outfits placed in the woozworld store.
Zechic First:
There were four new items added yesterday. Honestly, I didn't really like them that much....
The items are okay, but not the best ones from the ze chic section (in my opinion). For the bow and heart shirt, I do like the collared bow, but bows and hearts together is too much. The boy's hair is okay, however I feel like there is something similar to it. The other shirt...... I don't how there only stripes on the side then a design on the main part of the shirt. As for the girl's hair, I love the curls (I always love the curls xDD), but I don't like the hat as much... What are your opinions on these items? Answer in the chat box

Earlier today, Mya posted this pic which means that this will be in the upcoming new zechic item release. I like the haircut and I think the scarf/ handkerchief is something different than the other hairstyles.... which is pretty cool

New Woozworld Outfits:
OMG!! The first outfit is stunning!!! I love the detail on the dress and that hairstyle is just amazing (THE CURLS)!! The second girl outfit has a cool straightened hairstyle and I like the pattern and structure of the dress. The guy outfit is okay, however I think that the top is too plain...... I think it needs more detail.

Hasta luego!! I know a little Spanish..... from Spanish class xDD I think it means see you later, but correct me I am wrong. xD New signoff photo coming soon (possibly on Sunday).