Friday, February 27, 2015

Unce Upon a Wooz Styles!

Hello lovelies!  So today I have some new styles for you! x) Which are super cute btw. So let's get right in!

1) So style number one is Tiarafic  which is 4.99 for just one outfit x) It comes with a gorgeous ball like gown. Along with a gorgeous sidesweep along with a tiara of course!

2) Style #2 comes with a Malgnificent dress, along with Malgnificent hair!  Of course it's 4.99 as the usual price x)

3) The last style would be for the gentlemen! It comes with a Duke Charming Hair, along with his coat of course! x) of course it's 4.99

And those are the outfits we have! There are only 3 :I So yea. Hope you all have
a happy FRIDAY!!!!!! And sorry this is short :I I had to do this quick before
I left! heehe x)

P.S.  Srry for posting so late! C: