Saturday, February 28, 2015


Hey Bursties ;) It's Sammie! :D! So they brought Jenny back from her very long nap. Yaaayyy! Okay Mya didn't wake her. :-: Zack didn't wake her ;( (ZANNY FOREVER <3)  The only chance they had left was Max. No i didn't get to stay for it all ;( But i think Max saved her ;) He still loves her. K its so obv. He took pictures of her an him when she came back. :D She hosted her woozpetz show today at 11 am wt!!!

Yet NO ONE KISSED HER. 'O' How did she wake up? Will her an Max get back together? Idk they aren't on each others hot friends at the moment...
                                                                                                                        Max's Hot Friends

Jenny's Hot Friends

I guess things aren't that good yet. ;-; RRAWWR. xD

Well thats really all for now. But one more thing
ZEENA SHAVED her head! :P  Okai Bye Bursties!