Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Why I love Woozworld

Hello lovelies! Cuttie here x) Nothing big is happening on WoozWorld today really. And I decided to do : Why I love Woozworld. Woozworld has so many fun opportunity's. It's a game where you can show how you feel, or want to look without getting funny stares. So here are the reasons I love Woozworld C:

1) : You meet amazing friends!

2)    : You can dress how you want!

3) : Once you meet your friends, you have friends for life.

4) : You get to play cool games, and maybe win!

5) : When your bored, just get online and that'll boredom will soon die! x)

Those were 5 reasons why I love Woozworld, and why you should to!! I hope you all have a great day/night! And stay warm! It's currently snowing ice down here xP DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOW MAN?! Sorry  I had to. Or in this case DO YOU WANNA BUILD A ICE MAN?! Ok I'm done C:

 P.S. Stay warm! x0