Friday, February 27, 2015


Hey guys!Bleaty here. o3o Today on Woozworld something Exciting happened.JennyWooz Woke up!!! :D -Celebrates- and anyways there was an event with all the animators including Zack.I was sadly at the dentist,so I missed the whole event except for pictures x'D Basically I think the event was supposed to be who won for saving Jenny.I asked many people and I'm pretty sure....MaxWooz won :)!!!! (Maybe they'll get back together) It was hilarious at times because Max was trailing Jenny everywhere she went.Here are some pictures I got! (NOTE: I'm the Afro person xD)

           Anyways that's mostly all about that event.Also for those wondering in the chatbox,I'm deeply sorry that most of our bloggers don't post as much anymore.Life is hard.Bullying,Homework.Even I have a social project that might mean late posts for me.We're doing our best.If you have any problems,Please message one of the owners,Pinki or Penny Bleaty singing out!! o3o

xoxo Bleaty