Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Woozen Quest Drama (Woozguidez vs Glitz7)

So.. Im guessing y'all have now noticed i'm like the "Gossip Girl" for Burst xD.. So.. Sunday quest broke out in more Drama... Glitz7 vs East is how it started. Yes a woozen got involved  that shouldn't have.. Which caused East to leak something that the woozen had said to her. She said "You called me a who are" (Sorry for the cussing) Anyways i have some of the fight on my Youtube Channel: Sammy Wooz.

Once East left.. Glitz7 an the woozen ranted about how woozguidez do nothing. Glitz7 said only BlueForever ever did anything. (There was now 127 woozens watching) Anyways BlueForever, Lost, and Mel all come to quest! Mel does pretty much nothing.. Even someone told her that shes always negative. Like there was drama everywhere an shes worrying about her friends over there in the corner. Glitz7 claimed she reports her bullys EVERYDAY yet they never get banned. She said she tells mods. Yet still.. They don't get banned. Now i highly doubt they don't get banned..
Maybe its just the way shes reporting them? No photos could be found of the fight. But.. many woozens recorded the event so you might want to check the following channels: Todd Wooz, (Jewels Channel)..

                              Well? Who's side are you on?