Sunday, February 8, 2015

PopWooz, New Styles, New Units, & Jaywooz!

It's Manic Sunday!!! Hello lovelies x)  Today I'm going to be talking about PopWooz (&JayWooz) But first you gotta know what PopWooz is. PopWooz is basically like the Grammy's in Woozworld (they do this once a year around this time but in different names) You vote for who you think should win the Grammy's at the Central Plaza and whoever has the most vote wins! Here are the nominees
(By whose winning right now)
1) : Taylor Swift -Shake It Off
2): Iggy Azalea -Fancy ft. Charli XCX
3): Sam Smith -Stay With Me
4): Sia -Chandelier (tied with Megan Trainor) 
5): Megan Trainor -All About That Bass
There they were! That's the last time I checked up on them. But now let's get to PopWooz fashion! It contains some old Woozworld hair styles (& two shirts, some of the names of the items have been changed. Also this is the girls hair!)
1) Ultimate Celebration
2) Pop Star Hairstyle
3) The Wawa (use to be Gaga)
4) Pop Hat
5) Short WoozPop Hair
6) WoozPop Hair (the same as #5 but longer)
  For Boys
1)  Pop Hairstyle
2) Just In Style
Those are the hairstyles! Now there are new units but I won't be getting into those (and furniture :p) the two shirts are the sleeveless vest (for girls) & the pop shirt (for boys).  Now earlier I mentioned Jay. He posted on Hot Topics that Sunday (today xd) that he'd be going around Grammy units the ones he thought were cool, he's been to some of them lately and still going around! Well that's all today lovelies! Stay safe, and have a great Sunday! x)
Xoxo, Cuttiepie1219