Sunday, February 8, 2015

#FashionWithCutie-Outfits for Valentine's Day

What's up guys? :3 It is almost Valentine's Day, so I thought it was time for Valentine's outfits!! YAY!!!! XD There are three outfits and then I want to show one of the clothes in the Valentine's clothes section of Shopz that I think could be good for a Valentine's Day outfit. Let's not waste any more time and hop into it!
This one is a casual outfit for if you want to dress kind of casual, but still be in the spirit of the holiday! I know.... this outfit isn't that much in the spirit for this holiday, but the hearts are there!!! Plus I think it's a cute outfit XD I did want to dress up the sweater a little, so I added the sparkly galaxy leggings, heels, and that cat ear headband (I added the headband cause it is just too cute for me not to use it in one of the outfits).
This outfit is for if you want to go full out for Valentine's Day. I love this dress with the wrap around the dress and around the neck. I love this hair because of the braid on the side with the earrings and that crown.... LOVE IT!!
Casual again! The dress has the heart, so I guess it is in the spirit... xD I do like this outfit because it is good for if you want to be casual, but still want to wear a dress.

Now, the item from Shopz that is in the Valentine's section
All of the stuff in the Valentine's section is perfect for Valentine's day and this is one of them. This is a tunic with wins which I love because it is so sparkly and those wings!! There is a different item which is a dress that has smaller wings on it and it is really pretty too! The guy items are cool as well because of the wings!! XD I just love the wings because they are so pretty... (I am way over obsessed with wings.... o-0)

Time flies by when you are having fun writing about Valentine fashion outfits! xD Okay, talk to you all next time!! Signoff photo is coming very soon!