Saturday, February 7, 2015

Boost of Love Quiz answers!

Hey guys! Bleaty here again.Today there was a quiz called:The Boost of Love Quiz, presented by JennyWooz!I know most of you are like: Omg answering all those QUESTIONS!?!? Well,to make your lives easier,I'm going to tell you the answers to get your sweet valentines prize! :).(Shh don't tell Jenny!!)Our top 3 winners were:
 1.) YourePerfection!

 2.) EverythingDemi....Demitra11!(IKR She's on a roll.Won with Jay and Jenny)

 and 3.) ValentineXoxoxo I think.

Congrats guys! That's ALOT of tiles.Anyways so you have to do a Chest Box challenge then the tiles.I'm not sure if the boxes are all the same questions,so I'm giving you the answers for the first box.Here are your answers!

1.) Rose             
2.) Dove
3.) Romeo and Juliet

Those are the boxes answers.The tiles are going to be harder to explain so I'll show in pictures.




And now your done :D-puff puff- Ikr that was hard...Not...I'm SOO Sorry if I messed up on some answers!When your done,click the Treasure Box, and you should get 100 Beex and a Golden valentines Trophy! :)I still would recommend doing the quiz,so it helps you next year -Wink wink-

Incase you don't understand check some youtube videos.

Anyways that's all for today!Bleaty signing out!

-Bleaty                                          (New photo coming soon!!)