Friday, February 20, 2015

Outfit Review & Once Upon A Time

Hey! It's your zealous girl!! Okay, so today we are going to talk about the new outfits and the event of once upon a time. First up is ............
First Outfit:

Lil' Braid Riding Hood
This obviously represents red little riding hood and I think woozworld did an amazing job making this outfit
Hair: I love this hair!! The curls are gorgeous!!!!
Rate 10/10
Top: I love this dress with the bows! It makes the outfit so much cuter!!
Rate: 10/10
Can't really see legs or shoes
Damsel in Dis Dress
Snow White!!!!
Hair: The hair is pretty, however I think it reminds me of another hair that woozworld created...The hair does use the red color that snow white wears though.
Rate: 7/10
Dress: The dress is pretty with the straps a bit off the shoulder and I love how it is simple, yet is so pretty!!
Rate: 8.5/10
Can't see legs or shoes
Sir Charming
The guy who saves snow white with a true love's kiss!
Hair: I honestly am not a big fan of it... I don't like the parting of the hair.
Rate: 6/10
Top: It is a nice top, however I feel like I seen a similar top with the idea of a vest and a shirt under it
Rate: 6/10
Pants: I can see half of the pants xD Again, I feel like I seen these pants before in a similar version or versions
Rate: 5.5/10
Okay, now let's talk about Once Upon A Time! So, Jenny is snow white in this event and mya, max, jay. and zack are on a quest to save her. I feel that this is going to end up just like the snow white story and that this is how max is going to get back together with jenny. Then again, you never know, there could be a surprise. Also, the woozens help the animator who's story we want. Which story do you guys want?
Now, I have to go! Talk to you guys on Sunday!