Saturday, February 21, 2015

Updates & art!

Hey guys! Bleaty here again.There's not alot of new stuff going around on woozworld at the moment,so today I'll be talking about my Art and some Updates in WoozworldBurst.Most of you are wondering when we will update our blog.I'm sorry for the inconvenience,and we'll work our best to updating it.      
                                                                                We will hopefully be working on updates soon.And we're also sorry for not updating our header.Penny is taking a break off of woozworld from what I've heard,but I'm not positive.Again,We're sorry for this inconvenience.             

Now onto my next topic, Art!!!I love to do art :) I draw anime woozens,or just plain anime/manga.I was thinking maybe when I don't have Battle of The Photos on my hands,I could do a little art thing with you guys.So about every couple weeks or so,I could get you guys to fill a type form (Or Email) Me your art! It could be a little contest where you draw a picture following the theme.Or I could draw a woozen as anime.Comment int he chatbox which I should do.Here's what the 2nd option would be like:
                                                               I draw these by myself.So anyways that's mostly all for today,remember to cast in your pictures for battle of the photos while your at it!Bleaty signing out!

xoxo -Bleaty