Friday, February 20, 2015

Jenny THEORIES, and Zenna!

Hello lovelies! x) Cuttiepie here sorry for the late upload. I was at a partyyy turn upp xD  So recently it's no secret that our lovely Jenny has fallen into a deep sleep. And well we don't know what's wrong! But there have been some theories of what's happened to Jenny. Here are a couple some are serious some a bit of humor.

Theory 1) "Cuteness overload"

Theory 2) "Severe cat allergies"

Theory 3) “Jenny didn’t realize she left her soap on her bathroom floor. She stepped out and slipped. Oops! Classic Jenny.
That, or a new evil is upon Woozworld. Someone who hates Jenny. My, my.. Maybe it’s LilyWooz HERSELF…”

Theory 4)  “Jenny sacrificed herself to the hate cloud (mrs miraje grey cloud) to save woozworld and she can only be awakened by an act of true love."

Those are just a few of the theories about Jenny's mysterious sleep. You can go to the official WoozWorld blog website to see whose the entries where from. Or you can go to the Plaza to enter your own theory. Is this just a normal little nap that's been going on longer than it should be? Or is it something far more worse? Also is this the thing that brings Max and Jenny back together? Can true loves kiss really wake Jenny up?

In other news Zeena is at it again, stirring up trouble of course.  On woozin Zeena has been attempting to I should say start stuff (as usual xD)  Luckily the woozband knows her silly ways and avoids it at all cost really! Here are some things she had to say...

 Do you think Zeena is the cause of Jenny's falling asleep?  Hmmm it sorta looks like it. I mean Jenny always gets attention. And Zeena can't stand when others aren't paying attention to her. Maybe so, or this could be something far more worse....

And of course when Zeena posted this it wasn't long until the Mya and Jenny fans fired right back at her with a taste of well, her own medicine x)

Hope you woozens have a lovely Friday night! (P.S. new posting days are Tuesday & Friday :) )