Friday, February 6, 2015

#OTP Collection Review (for girls)

Hello :3 So, how has your day been? Mine has been pretty good..... (Sorry for the not creative opening to my post... xD). Okay, now FASHION REVIEW on the new outfit collection for girls. (Sorry guys... I will try to do for you guys next time XD maybe Sunday?)I haven't done this in a while xD Let's get to it!!
Isolde Outfit:
Hair: It is like a slicked back hair... I honestly don't like it that much... It kinda looks like if you put a lot of hairspray and then slicked it back...
   Rate: 6/10
Dress: The ombre on the dress is really pretty!! I love the idea for the ombre.
   Rate: 8/10
(Can't see skirt or shoes)
Overall: Together I think this is an okay outfit. However, I don't think it is as dressy for the other girl outfit..... Overall, it still is a cute outfit together
   Rate: 7/10

Juliet Outfit
Hair: I love this hair with the hair being tied in half and those gorgeous curls!!! <3 Love it!!
   Rate: 10/10
Dress: I am in love with this dress because of the shape of the bottom half of the dress and the design on the top!!
  Rate: 10/10
Overall: I LOVE THIS OUTFIT!! I think this is perfect for a date on Valentines Day

Time to go!! By the way, it is almost Valentine's Day, so you can send it pics of outfits that relate to Valentine's Day (it does not have to be a dressy outfit). Also. New signoff photo is coming!