Saturday, February 7, 2015

Gossip Week! :D

Hey its Samathawoo, this is my last post as a trail blogger. :( Well this one is gonna be all about gossip, since nothing really big happened. Cause i already covered Freestyle and Star Of The Week, But a lot of things DID happen this week!! An I'm gonna check you up all about it! :D Okay so first I'm gonna take you this week's Fashion Academy! So afterwards rumors were EVERYWHERE that MyaWooz got hacked at the show!! This is not for sure true, but the same not there was a hacker at Woozen Quest causing random people to loose connection! It happened to me twice. xD This is for true!!! Also this week a rumor has been going around that there's NEW WOOZGUIDEZ! 3 new ones. :D Rumors have it one of the new woozguidez is Agentblue10!! Good job, I dunnno if this IS true!! xD Also the Mrs. Miraje quest are out! Shes locked some unitz, so we can only do some quest everyday. :( Once you finish the quest i guess you get your color back. :-) Yay!!! Okay thats about all it is for today.. :( I'm gonna miss being able to post for y'all.. :( Unless i become a "Offical" Blogger. Okay bye guyys :) Love, Sammie (Some reason the thing won't lemme post a picture. o.o O well Bye Bursties) (It won't lemme color my words either) Idk what going on..