Friday, February 20, 2015

Once upon a Wooz.. & Winners!

Hey guys! Bleaty here.You guys probably already know that Jenny is found ASLEEP In central Plaza,from LilyWooz that posed about it.But just yesterday,something new happened.In the woozworld Store,There's these outfits,but also these:
                                                             So when you buy one,Your helping that woozband member with their story on how to help Jenny come back.But wait,If you look beside Max,did Zack return to give his true love back to Jenny??Or could it be Zeena,spoiled the news to Zack?Also on woozworld, you can go to a unitz,and pick the journey YOU Want to help.So to get to the unitz go to :

1.) WoozNewz

2.) Click the member you want and it'll take you to their unitz!
If you're having troubles choosing one,I'd suggest Max,Because to be honest,I miss them as a couple.Or if you're looking for some wild fun,Choose Zack cause who knows,Something extraordinary might happen :3.Also,TimeKeeperz  have returned!:D Sorta...Maybe if Zack wins,he might break jenny's heart into robot pieces,and we have to do that TimeKeeperz thing again? Idk that's just my theory but anyways that's mostly all for that topic.Now onto the winner of  Battle of The Photos! in the end,the photo that won was:

Mine! It makes more sense since it's a photo of my avatar,but anyways yea.Just a little shoutout to CelieLove37 (AKA Owner of Woozapalooza),for inspiring me to do edits like this one.Thankyou Celia,for being a woozworld role model :3 Anyways guys,that's all for today,

Bleaty signing out!