Wednesday, February 18, 2015

JennyWooz Found ASLEEP?

Okay Hi guys. Im so so sorry i didn't post yesterday.. ;-; My internet is down again -.- Its still down so I'm at my grandmas. We're getting a new box thing tomorrow. Hopefully. Again so sorry.

Now to the TOP STORY going around Woozworld! JennyWooz has been found ASLEEP in Central Plaza. Now a lot of woozens have proven how this isn't JennyWooz. I think its either ZeenaWooz or EvaWooz. Now why Eva? A fellow reporter started talking about how it could be Eva.. Heres a few pictures of people that have PROVEN how IS NOT JennyWooz.
This is the only one I KNEW I could find, Since most have drowned in other stuff on Jenny's wall. xD.. But the WoozBand is got the whole thing buzzing BY all 3 POSTING on her wall:
MaxWooz seems worried.. ;) Hm hm hm.. Anyways getting off track here. xP I srsly think Zeena has kidnapped Jennyy. Dressed herself up took Jennys weave an stole her makeupp. Her plan to get Max!! Dur! Okay xD
this is a picture of "Jenny" In Central Plaza.. Now what do you think?
Is it really JennyWooz? Is it Zeena? Or could it Eva? 

Until Saturday! 
When more secrets will be revealed. ;)