Saturday, February 14, 2015

Mystery Awards & Battle of the Photos

Hey guys!Bleaty here again.Today I'm gonna be talking about something that Mya posted about on Hot Topics.

So since the Hate Cloud is gone,to celebrate,The woozband will be placing some Special rewards Around woozworld on Monday!! :D They'll probably be Love stuff since its Valentine's day.Hopefully another blogger posting on Monday will give the answers for those that need them.Now onto my second thing,We have a new  Battle of The Photos!! :)So today I have JewelNJem that made one,and Me.2 Others had one but lost them in their documents x( Anyways Here are the pictures:

1.) JewelNJem's Photo:

2.) Bleatystar-'s Photo (ME):

                                                                                        (I will edit mine a bit more.Jewel's picture isn't a picture of me,so I don't know how you guys will know its me.But anyways,these are our pictures :D Rate this post,Interesting for JewelNJem's picture, or rate this post,Cool, For my picture.I'll be collecting votes on Friday,and publishing the answer on Saturday,Get voting! :) Bleaty signing out!