Sunday, February 15, 2015


OK. Sorry i didn't post yesterday. Mmy internet IS NOT working. So im at my grandmas on her Wifi. I dunno when it'll be fixed doe. Anyways... What is #GOTWWS? Well its #GossipOfTheWeekWithSammie. 

Anyways our TOP STORY of the week :P Glitz7 vs Guidez. Now I'm not taking ides in this. I've seen them BOTH do bad things. But i do believe Glitz7 has changed from when i first saw her. Yet people can't let go of the past that easily. I'll be showing you pictures FROM BOTH Melodyartistic an Glitz7's album.
First off is Miss Glitz7's Album.
This cleary shows Melody saying she an BlueForever don't do their job's. I dunno if this is true/false. What do you think?? Tell me in the chat box :P

Next is Miss Melody's Albumz. Now i couldn't find ANYTHING in her Albumz. So i went to another person's Album who i knew had some dirt.. (Cough) Their not a woozguidez an will remain Unidentified.
Now you can see this is very recent.
Yet we dunno who she is talking too. 

Now for the real question.. Who is innocent? Glitz? Woozguidez? Or Neither? Answer IN DA CHAT BOX :p