Friday, February 13, 2015

♡нαρρу ναℓєитιиє'ѕ ∂αу!♡

Happy Valentine's Day, Beautiful Bursties!

Sorry I Have Not Posted In A While, I Have Been Very Busy Due To School, My Parents Are Currently Getting A Divorce, And My Friends. I Am Now Back For Good! Yay!!! 

Love Is In The Air! Oh, Sweet Love. First Of All I Would Like To Congratulate My Dear Friends, XxGoldayymakerxX And Weekay
On Getting Married Today! 

First We Turn Gray, But We Are Cured!!! Woo-Hoo Us!
Fifty Shades Of Gray Is Over!
*Pun Intended*

If You Have Not Already Noticed, There Has Been A Lot Of Bullying Going On In Woozworld. That Is Totally Not Cool, If You See Another Woozen Getting Bullied, Stand Up For The Victim! Do NOT Support The Enemy!

WoozWorld Is Bringing Style Back!!!
Check Out Their Totally Rad New Outfits. My Favorite One Is "The Juliet"
I Love How They How Mashing The Old And The New Together. 

They Also Have A New "Date Pack" For Valentine's! 
How Sweet!

Doesn't The "Helene Date Starter" Remind You Of Someone Familiar?
If You Said Yes, You Were Right!
That Style Was Based Of The Well Known Song Artist...

The Quote Of The Day Is:

That's All For Now Folks!