Friday, February 6, 2015

Ms.Mirjae Objectivez.

Hey guys! :D Bleaty here.Before I start of with my post,do you guys remember when I first came I said I got hacked? Well,I got my account back :D!!Except of course I'm going to stay on my new one,Because there's so many great memories :)Anyways,onto my real post.Recently on Woozworld,everyone has gone Gray.(IKR IT'S LIKE DUH TOTAL OPPOSITE OF NEON!?)But never fear,Ms.Miraje is here!! To escape this:

Do this:

1.) You can either buy the Heart SymbZ in shopz,

Or,If you can't afford it,like me,do these Objectivez Ms.miraje has given us.

To do these objectivez:

1.) Go to the left of your screen,and click the button that shows: Ms Miraje

2.) Do what ever she asks you to do (NOTE:Some are brain teasers)

3.) You do them until you've done them all!(NOTE:Some unitz aren't open yet so don't panic when you can't do them)

Some people can cure you with their Heart SymbZ And some people are saying that on February 14th (AKA Valentines Day,We'll all be turned back to normal,just like with the Zombeardtotis.Anyways,that's all for today,A new Battle Of The Photos,Is coming soon along with I think a new background for the blog :D I'm not sure,but Penny and Pinki will give you guys a heads up about that.So bye ;o See you tomorrow.Bleaty signing out!

                                          (New Photo coming Soon so give me your photos!)