Friday, February 6, 2015

Woozworld Gone Grey

Hey guys, happy Friday. :]
 Anyways, I'm guessing you guys already noticed by now that Woozworld made this Valentine thing. (Obviously, oh) And well, the Valentine thing makes us look like. . .

Yeah, like that. Cute, rights? :D (Lel) Anyways, in order to somehow get rid of this. . . look, you need to have this love symbz I think. It basically looks like a heart. After you get it (It's in the Woozworld Store by the way, and it costs $1.99) You'll be back to your normal color and you'll be more cute than you did when you were grey, lel. Well, anyways, have a good day. See you guys later.

I'm working on a new edit for this. ^
                                                     | K, bye. Lel. -Christy