Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Max's Game Show

Omg hiii!!! Its Sammie!!! Yass im now an "Offical" Blogger on burst! Whoop whoop!!!! Zombie High Ep. 1 is out if ya wanna check it. So I'm guessing you already know what this is going to be about. cx If you do or don't I'm still gonna tell you! Cx Max's Game Show!!!! Now OFC they played Revenge! Our lovely woozguide @rebecca-angel played the fun game! @-East- did make it  (O btw East Needs A West Hint Hint) @Melodyartistic also was there!! Max finally got himself a heart :') This is gonna be really short because i gotta do my homework. Cx

Okay anyways the royal color who won this "Revenge" was.... (DRUM ROLL)     WAIT RIGHT BEFORE SOMEONE ONE PheonixBoy ASKED Crystlefire to MARRY HIM! :D You heard it first right here on Burst! :-) She said yes duh, xD Did you know goldifhs are red? Well some.. Ookay back to the winner! (DRUM ROLL AAGAINN) WAS BLUE! :DDD Like congratz everyoone on Blue's Team you did fabulous! They didn't get to play anything after that doe. :PP Thats about it for today. (Like I Said Super Short) xDDD Okay Bye Bursties!