Thursday, February 12, 2015

New Outfits + How to make a cute outfit!

New outfits!

Okay hey guys!! Have you seen the new outfits in the store?!

They are so cute! And one of them has unitz and some furniture for you to enter in to the contest!

I got the 10 dollar pack because it comes with both of them No unitz or furni
though ;-;...

But you can still be very stylish! So let's get started, first I will show
the cute new outfits,

So, I LOVE The Helena because of the outfit! It's so nerdy and stylish, anyone can pull it off! The thing I DON'T LIKE about it is the hair, I like the Isabella hair better I love the Skirt and shoes the best off of Isabella I like the pants and Shoes on Helena, they're like Geeky, but so cute!

And for the boys I like the hair I don't like that they only made one of them, it's not fair that they only get 1 and girls get 2, But it's easier to make girls outfits usually than boys, I think that at least...

But still... It's Valentine's, make a Tuxedo one too with fancy hair xD Anyone would pull that off, so anyways, let me show you some tips for the new outfits (How to make them) and I will show the whole outfit.. Another thing I need to let you guys know, I was a bit busy on Sunday and Tuesday, I forgot to let Pink know, but I am supposed to post on Tuesday and Sunday I beilieve but since I wasn't able to I did it today (Thursday)

SO anyways, let's get on with the outfit tips!
When making the outfit colors, it's usually best
to make the shorts on these White, black or blue
It fits best with blue, so I made my a light blue and
here is what it came out as!
So, you probably don't
want heels with this outfit
so let's try the heels that
came with this outfit, it is
really pretty also, see the blue
I have for it? That's probably
the best way to suit it! It's
simple and most people don't
do this..So I wanted to try this.

But here is the one with the shoes that came with this outfit..
So, I made my socks red
and my heels white, probably
the other way around would
look very cute too! So the red
kinda looks like it's part of the
shoes (well it is) but I mean it
looks like they are wedge sneakers
or something like that, so it looks
really cute, but I want to try it with
actual wedge sneakers, the next shoes
came in the last Valentine's day outfit!
So for sure is should match!

So these are the wedge sneaker ones:

Here is how it came out..
only if the shoes were just a little
bit smaller is would work! I think
the previous ones were a bit cuter
because they stay with the pants and
don't go out or anything, but these do
just a little bit, so that's that. And now
I will show you a few outfits I came up

Here is one, I can't really think of a name for it xD

I showed half of this one 
up above as you can see xD
so, I made this one from
my other outfit, I will show
below this one, and it was
one with Slim Jeans and
this top with normal shoes!
It was so cute, GislleE417
liked it a lot, too xD

Here is the one I got the idea from
It was from her show
"Teen Troubles" a comedy
series, I was going through
my clothes and she said
something girly but nerdy
and I found this and she
said she loved it and it was
her favorite one out of all
the outfits in Woozworld
xD I thought it was pretty
cute, too feel free to wear
this and spice it up a little cx

Here is another one! It's really cute! I thought of while I was making this post cx

It's this one! I love it so much
I just love the top a lot it's so
cutee cx so this is for everyone
feel free to wear this if you want,
maybe make a few changed if
you want to ;)

So that's all for today! BUT I also want to share my new series with you guys
it's called "Revenge And Betrayal" It's pretty good I would say, I might be looking
for some more actors like be in the intro actors for Season 2 and you guys can ask
me anything about this, and if you think I am good at making outfits, just click
Here and ask for one! just give me a theme, but anyways here is the first episode!
Next episode will be out tonight or tomorrow, I hope you like it! It's lots of fun to make with my actors xD

                                               Anyways, Happy Valentine's Day, Bursties!

P.S I will not be posting from March 24th to April 6th, I am gonna be on Vacation, I will bring my laptop so I might be able to come on! Thanks for Reading! x)