Monday, February 9, 2015

Moving Away..

                                            Hey Guys! Jennyglam here!

                          I really been trying to get this done but i have so much going on!!
                    I'm going to be singing at the HAWKS games, and going to be going
                 Out of town and moving and like this is my 2nd time moving. But, anywho, 
               Mainly why i've been busy is because i have another blog i'm on, But i'm not
            telling so i wont advertise it anyways.. Topic is the store.. I love it but i feel
            Like woozworld needs more outfits.. I also have been stalking woozworld..
           (sorry if it seems to intense..) But i found this photo and a MOD is playing
           Movez with a very bad woozen who has curse words in her bio lool. But anyways
         here's the picture. Check the woozen babygirltp and find her and read her bio LOOL

 But uh... anywho, See you guys around and remember,
If i don't post it means i'm away or getting my stuff
together for my new house LOOL but yea... BYE :-)