Sunday, February 15, 2015

#FashionWithCutie- OTP 2.0 Fashion Outfits

Greetings bursties! :D Happy Late Valentine's Day!! Hope you guys had a good one... I ate chocolate yesterday :D Chocolate=Amazing Now, today I went around woozworld and found four outfits that had at least one piece of clothing from the OTP 2.0 Fashion Collection! NOW LET'S DO THIS!!
I love this outfit!!!First, the colors <3 YAS! I love how she used the stockings with the dress and that bow makes the outfit perfect especially for Valentine's Day! Fabulous job diamond280!!!
So, she also used stockings and it is a quite a similar color code. However, I love how she used that hair with this outfit! Also, I love those shoes with this outfit. Stay fab, gabriela098! XD
Purple!!! Okay, the hair you used with this outfit is a perfect match!! This is perfect for Valentine's Day and so many other occasions! Amazing job caraxhi and also Congratulations for getting third place at SOTW!!
This color just pops!! I just love that it pops!! The shoes are good for Valentine's Day because of the strappy shoes! THE HAIR THOUGH!! LOVIN' IT! Excellent job isabellaswagaga!

Okay, guys, that's it for today! I got to go now, bye!! ;) Btw I have the signoff photo (FINALLY RIGHT?) XD