Sunday, February 15, 2015

Star of the Week, and some updates

Hello lovelies! Hope your Valentine's Day was great! Mine consisted of : Pizza, Chocolate, Brownies, and Netflix. Which was amazing xD anyways we have a new Star Of The Week! Which is  CookieMonsterck! Congrats girl!
Her outfit is just gorgeous! :)  And Mya here's what she said : "With a simple gray-and-white dress and long luxurious weave, CookieMansterck is our new star of the week!! xx"

In some other news, I have some updates on me, I won't be able to post on Sunday's anymore due to my family inventing Sunday our "family day, and nobody will be on the internet" oh I just love my family :). And some other things that have happened. Anyways! I'll see you later lovelies! x)

Have a great day! x)