Sunday, January 4, 2015


YES!!!! There will be new and exclusive clothing starting January 8th which is what the picture says above... XD Okay, so this thing is called #zechicuary8!!!
:O This hair is going to be in zechic on January 8th!! I like the fact that the designers decided to not just do a simple ponytail and decided to go a little deeper than that and PUT BRAIDS IN THE PONYTAIL LIKE A MILLION BRAIDS!! Also, I like how I see this hairstyle in real life which is cool to have real life styles and woozworld styles coming together.
Okay guys, if you compare this picture with the dress that is in the picture...... it looks very similar and is probably the same item. I LOVE THIS DRESS!!! It is very sparkly and glamorous and I also love the detail on the bottom. Since Mya showed this picture with the #zechicuary8 we are assuming that it will be in zechic. Now, as I said before, this is the same dress from the first picture, so do you guys think the hair that mya is wearing in the first picture, will be there too? Sorry if that sounded kind of confusing o-0
YES BUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS HAIR WITH THE PIGTAILS!!! :) Just loving this hair
right now.... ;)

Got to go now guys!!! Talk to you wonderful people later! Cutiexpiexgirl is signing off ;)