Friday, January 2, 2015

YT Woozen Awards

Hello, fantastic people!!! I really need other ways to start my posts..... I keep saying, "What's up bursties", "Hey bursties", "Hello bursties"..... I say bursties too much o-0 I am not creative.. XD Anyways, sorry for getting off topic. The topic today is the YT Woozen Awards.

YT Woozen Awards:
The awards that you guys got to pick!! Great job to the hosts by the way :D
The YT Woozen Awards (Nominees) Link:
Unfortunately, I was late and I kept losing internet connection and my computer was so laggy D: It is like my computer hates me today... Anyways, here are the winners that I was able to get:
*Yeti High won (I am not sure what...... sorry D:)
* Videl Woozworld: Bows and Laces won the breakout series
*Game over or not by nikki won best horror movie (Runner up: Slasher)
* TV Terror: Ems37 won the short film/movie
* Girlfriend:Lunalightstar won the comedy shorts and she also won favorite editor!!
Special Thanks To Lakers83 for helping me on getting most of the winners

Bye guys! Sorry about no sign off photo today and a short post! D: I will have a new signoff photo on Sunday!