Wednesday, December 31, 2014

So Sorry! +500 beex

Hi bursties! I am SO sorry I haven't post in forever!  Of course, Its Swaggy! I haven't been over my cousins in like FOREVER. So I am finally there. My computer is still broken and Im saving up for a new one.( Of course Im buying it on Ebay) Enough personal problems. xD Anyways I thought I should come up with a name for when I post maybe,

(A) Burstets and Bursties.

(B) Burps ( I don't even know)

(C) Best people ever

(D) Woozets and Woozens

I don't even know with these but whatever.

Also, I wanted to apoligizew so much for being late, I was going to make a design for woozworld AND
I was going to give someone 500 beex for answering these question. Enter your answer in the chat.(I ALSO have to have at least SIX ratings on the post.

What is Swaggys color codes?
Who owns this blog?
Are they awesome?!Okay this one is opionion but still.
Peace out! See you next time! (My sign out isn't working! ;(