Friday, January 2, 2015

Contest Winners:Round 2 + Movie

Hey guys!Bleaty here.I'm very excited to announce I'm now an Offical Blogger :)Thank you for all your support and kind messages.Anyways, I'm like SO SORRY This post is so late.Since 10:00pm last night,our Internet connection has been down.I was freaking out if I was going to get kicked off for not posting.Soon, I realized,why not draw C:?So onto the winners:

1.) Free939
9.)ejmeto-backup and..

 Congratulations for making it this far :D The last round is always so intimidating.So for the final round:

1.)your theme,is all about the Face.You'll take an amazing picture of that Lovely Face.I know this is like Chanel185's Contest,But I just liked her idea.Speaking of which,please click and woozup my picture for her contest.

2.)Put it in an albumz called: Bleat y Face contest.(Give me a quote in the picture)

3.)Message me you entered.

4.)The deadline is on the 9th of January.

5.)Prizes are still a Surprise xD

6.)I shall be marking you on:
1.) Creativity.Just a face won't get you anywhere.Make it Spectacular!

2.) Background.You can cover up some parts of the face,but I also want to see a Gorgeous and beautiful background.)

3.)Made from your heart.All faces are beautiful I will accept ones with no makeup.(Wink Wink,Senpai -cough-)

I wish you all great luck.Your pictures will be amazing.Think positive to do positive.Now before I go,I will be hosting movie auditions for my movie:FEAR Either tomorrow,Sunday or next weekend.The trailer is coming out so Also watch that.Well bye guys! The Undescribable Bleaty is singing out!

-Bleaty                                      (New sign off picture coming soon)