Saturday, January 17, 2015

The NationZ GameZ!!

Hi guys! Bleaty here again.Today I'm going to be taking about something on Woozworld called: The NationZ GameZ!The sum up about this,The NationZ GameZ is like the Hunger Games.If any of you remember old Woozworld,There were 4 NationZ you could belong in.These were:

1.)Mystic Alley (Fairies,Mermaids,Aliens Fairy tales.)

2.)Cortoza (Ghosts Bats Dark and Spooky)

3.)Lib Street (Hip hop,Urban)

And we end off with...

4.) Colony V (Future people (aka) Also aliens)

I was part off the Mystic Alley, since I'm very interested in aliens and fairies xD.It's your lucky chance,because everyone wanting old Woozworld back,is getting their chance!But the GameZ Are deciding which troupe is the BEST! So if you want YOUR NationZ to be the best,here's what you have to do.

1.) Buy the TributeZ SymbolZ in the Woozworld Store.
2.) Wear your SmbolZ (NOTE: If you don't know what SymbolZ are,check my last post)

3.) Collect the DefenderZ

and lastly...

4.) Get your NationZ to be the BEST! :D

So you can say this is the 'Woozworld Hunger games'.I find this very cool actually.The winning NationZ gets to split up 1,000,000, WOOZ,Between everyone on that team.So get collecting,cause we don't have much time!
So that's all for today.If your having troubles picking a team,I suggest either Cortoza,if you want to win,or Mystic Alley, cause we all know unicorns are amazing :).So yeah,That's all for today guys! See you next week!! Bleaty signing out!