Friday, January 16, 2015


Greetings from the zealous one!!!! NATIONZ time!!!!!! Okay, so as you guys know only one nation will win and split one million Wooz!!! 
Steps for Nationz
1) Join one of the Nationz which are Mystic Alley, Lib Street, Colony V, or Cortoza. You join by buying it from the woodworks store
2) Wear your Nationz symbol
3) Attack the defenders that will appear around woozworld. DO NOt ATTACK YOUR OWN DEFENDERZ.
4) Reach success by getting your Nationz to be the top and then split the prize!!!!

Okay guys, before I sign off remember you can still send me photos for winter that I can use in my posts!  Also, happy b dY to Mya the fashionista 🎉✨🌟! Got to go now, see you next time with hopefully a longer post and new sign off photo