Saturday, January 17, 2015

Dares & New Outfits! x3

Ok so guys, On my channel I am gonna do an event called "Magic Dare Day MDD" And I need some dares to do and It will be in Woozworld so post some cool dares on my wallz and I will do them!! Your dare will be on YouTube if you comment and you can comment a lot if you want! :) Click THIS TO GO TO MY WOOZIN AND POST A DARE :D Thankiez! ;)

Now, let's get on with the outfits! ;D

Now, Let's admit it.. They totally ripped off the Hunger Games XD But I am amazed that they could make a Woozworld Version of these outfits! They are really stylish!

I think that the X3 outfits with the Unitz stuff is a really good deal! I mean, you get a unitz with x21 furniture to do it for the unitz design contest! :)
I think that I really love the hair the most because it is in a French braid... My favorite hair style with the bangs out! It's really cute

I love the shoes on this outfit because I LOVE boots! xD So I love them a lot ;3

Anyways, thankies for reading hopefully you guys post a dare! :)

                                                               Stay Stylish! xx
AKA SparklesBowtiez