Friday, January 16, 2015

SymbZ + Battle of The Photo Winner

Hey Bursties! Bleaty here.First off,I'm gonna start off with a:Happy birthday Mya!! :D So ok now today is the day we get to know our: Winner of the Battle Of the Photos!Except we all know the winner of course.Congratulations to our winner of Battle Of the Photos!...CandyAndSoup!! :) She got 17 votes cry I got 5 lol But to admit the truth,I really loved hers :3 So Welcome new Sign Off Photo!

So now that that's off our sleeve I want to talk about this new thing on Woozworld called:SymbZ.If your wondering what that is,Keep reading.SymbZ, is the 'new' BRB sign.(It's all part of the updates.)So here's how you get these new things called 'SymbZ

1.) You go to Shopz:

2.) You choose a symbolZ that suits your best :D (There's alot and alot more coming x3)

 So yea :D this is the SymbZ It's kind of cool in my opinion.Since now people can know your hobbies,or what your doing.But anyways yea.That's all for today guys.They all cost Wooz But you can trade,sell and go to free times to get them C: So bye bursties xO Bleaty signing out!